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    Yiwu welcomes foreigners' input in local affairs

    2019 - 12 - 11

    Foreigners helping to maintain traffic, taking part in community service, and mediating business disputes. Scenes like these may be rare in many parts of China, but are common in the country's small-commodity hub of Yiwu.

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    Ancient settlement named top 10 archaeological discoveries of Zhejiang

    2019 - 12 - 11

    The ruins of Qiaotou village, a 9,000-year old settlement in Yiwu, was listed in this year's top 10 archaeological discoveries of Zhejiang province on Dec 8.

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    Opera enchants expats in Yiwu

    2019 - 12 - 10

    Yiwu, a county-level city in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, is helping forge friendships between locals and foreigners via a series of cultural activities, local media reported on Dec 5.

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    Intl students study business law in Yiwu

    2019 - 12 - 10

    International students from Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College grasped some basic knowledge about Chinese business law at the Yiwu International Trade Market Dec 6.

Home away from home in Yiwu

Jordanian businessman Mohanad has been in Yiwu, Zhejiang for 18 years. He now lives with his family in the city and runs his own restaurant.

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