Explore future of fashion at Yiwu's vibrant expo trilogy

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2024-05-20


Crowds of people visit an expo in Yiwu. [Photo/WeChat account: yiwufb]

The Yiwu Fashion Jewelry Factory Exhibition, the Yiwu Gifts, Fashion, and Household Items Exhibition, and the Yiwu (Jucheng) Live Commerce Trending Products Exhibition all opened their doors on May 19 at the Yiwu International Expo Center.

Spanning three days, these exhibitions have become a magnet for new products, creative designs, and innovative ideas, attracting a continuous stream of merchants from home and abroad.

Sun Lingjuan, a seasoned player in Yiwu's jewelry market, is participating for the first time. She believes that exhibiting is an excellent way to promote her brand and introduce new products, showcasing the latest fashion trends to a global audience.

Yiwu's exhibitions serve as a barometer for the global fashion jewelry market. With over 36,000 new jewelry businesses registered this year as of May 18, Yiwu is the epicenter of a thriving industry that exports to over 100 countries and regions.

The current exhibitions highlight the synergy between Qingdao and Guangzhou, aiming to set new trends in fashion accessories. They feature innovative products that are expected to dictate fashion trends for the foreseeable future.

Covering a combined area of 50,000 square meters, these exhibitions have drawn more than 1,600 enterprises nationwide, reinforcing Yiwu's status as a hub for industry development and resource aggregation.