Yiwu establishes rule of law center at market

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated :2023-12-06


The rule of law center at the Yiwu Internatinal Trade Market. [Photo/Zhejiang Daily] 

The rule of law center was inaugurated at the Yiwu International Trade Market in Yiwu, Zhejiang province on Dec 4, according to local media reports.

The center will provide a comprehensive range of services, including legal consultations, contract templates, risk information inquiries, trade risk reporting, transaction evidence preservation, "Yiwu Pay" services, commercial dispute mediation, court judicial confirmation, tribunal arbitration, and legal education and promotion.

With a focus on innovative features such as trade dispute risk early-warning, one-stop multi-channel dispute resolution, and transaction evidence preservation, the center collaborates with eleven government departments to establish a functioning framework at the market.

The center will further improve the diversified governance system, provide comprehensive services for market operators, and ensure the healthy and rapid development of the market, according to Jiang Tao, deputy Party secretary of Yiwu.