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10 initiatives for foreign-related services taken by Yiwu to optimize the international business environment

Yiwu Media Center| Updated :2023-01-04

06 Improve the convenience of foreign-related medical services

Strengthen medical services both in Chinese and English and provide traditional Chinese medical treatment for foreigners.

Improve public health services for foreigners and upgrade foreign-related medical services in key hospitals.

07 Support entrepreneurship and innovation among young people from abroad

Carry out "Run with Yiwu - Global Youth Business Program". Utilize the International Maker Park to nurture and train international makers and talent specializing in e-commerce live streaming.

Improve services for foreign graduates coming to Yiwu for employment or to start businesses, and set up international talent service stations in youth communities. 

08 Release and share more foreign-related information

Briefings for foreigners on hot spots in economic and social development will be held through platforms such as the "Yiwu FAO Parlor", an integrated platform to share information with foreigners in Yiwu. Run a 24-hour bilingual hotline both in Chinese and English.

Improve the English comprehensive service information page of the municipal government's portal website, and release foreign-related information in a timely manner.

09 Create a diverse and friendly social and cultural environment

Activities branded "i Yiwu·We Are Family" will be held, inviting foreigners to experience beautiful countryside and distinctive folk customs. A series of activities supporting farmers will be carried out relying on "FLY Friendly Envoy for International Promotion of Agricultural Consumption" and "Common Prosperity International Communication Base".

Hold games among foreign business people, start football leagues, and promote food and other foreign cultural, sports and tourism activities.

10 Increase foreigners' sense of dignity

Recommend foreigners who have made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Yiwu for awards and commendations, and actively publicize the stories of foreigners in Yiwu.

Leverage a media program, "My Chinese Dream in Yiwu", to tell foreigners' entrepreneurial stories and how they live a happy life in Yiwu.

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