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10 initiatives for foreign-related services taken by Yiwu to optimize the international business environment

Yiwu Media Center| Updated :2023-01-04

In order to become a more open city, deepen the comprehensive reform of foreign-related services, and continue to improve the foreign-related business environment, Yiwu has formulated the "10 initiatives for foreign-related services taken by Yiwu to optimize the international business environment".

01 Increase the convenience of work and residence for foreigners in Yiwu

Grant 2-5-year work permits for qualified applicants.

Implement the "One Stop" service for foreign investors looking to get registered, work and live in Yiwu.

02 Strengthen policy consultation and government services overseas

Build a full-cycle foreign-related policy service platform in the free trade zone to provide quality policy consultation for foreign enterprises and individuals investing in Yiwu.

Build online and offline overseas service stations and provide "undifferentiated" government services for overseas buyers and overseas Chinese.

03 Facilitate foreign business in Yiwu

Continue to improve the Foreign Merchant Card, making it applicable in financial services, international trade, living convenience and other areas.

Foreign-related legal, customs, tax, certification and consulting services firms shall be developed and foreign businessmen will be encouraged to join international compliance system building.

04 Enhance foreign-related legal services

Hold Foreigner Study Workshops to share legal knowledge related to traffic rules and drug-prevention topics with foreign friends in Yiwu.

Mediate international commercial disputes online using the "Zheli Market Governance Code". The International Commercial Law Service Center affiliated with the Council for the Promotion of International Trade will be responsible for providing one-stop services for the resolution of international commercial disputes.

05 Build more international integration communities

Build online and offline immigration affairs service centers and sites, and offer Chinese language courses and cultural experience courses in communities with high concentrations of foreigners, such as Jimingshan and Jincheng communities, to help foreigners in Yiwu blend into society.

Carry out activities for foreigners such as public donations, blood donation and model city campaign.

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