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Yiwu International Trade Market Area 1

yiwu.ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated :2020-02-26

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Yiwu International Trade Market Area 1 covers 280,000 square meters.[Photo/yiwu.ezhejiang.gov.cn]

Yiwu International Trade Market Area 1 was put into use on Oct 22, 2002. The area covers 280,000 square meters and has floorage of 340,000 sq m. The total investment is over 700 million yuan ($102 million).

The first floor is filled with toys and flower accessories; the second floor is mainly for jewelry and hair ornaments; the third floor is for arts and crafts; and the fourth floor is for factory outlets.

There are banks, a postal service, industry and commerce, taxation authorities, logistics, warehousing and an internet service.

A group of domestically and internationally famous brands have settled there, making Area 1 a world famous commodity distribution center. It attracts 80,000 visitors every day, including over 3,000 overseas visitors. About 70 percent of the commodities are export-oriented and more than 95 percent of business entities in Area 1 are involved in exports.