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Yiwu International Trade Market Area 2

yiwu.ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated :2020-02-19


Yiwu International Trade City Area 2 (section F and G) opens on Oct 22, 2004.[Photo/yiwu.ezhejiang.gov.cn]

Yiwu International Trade Market Area 2 (section F and G) opened on Oct 22, 2004. The market covers 483 mu (32.2 hectares), with a floorage of more than 600,000 sq m.

The first floor offers suitcases, umbrellas, rain cape bags, outdoor supplies, gift packaging and processing; the second floor is home to hardware and tools, locks and vehicles shops; the third floor houses kitchenware and sanitary ware, small home appliances, telecom facilities, electronic instruments and equipment, watches and  clocks; the fourth floor is a manufacturers' outlet center and other high-class businesses; on the fifth floor, there is a sourcing and service center for foreign trade. There are supporting facilities, including an industrial and commercial bureau, tax bureau, police station, banks, restaurants, logistics, post office, telecom companies and other functional departments and service providers in the east affiliated building. And the market has a business building, an office building, a four-star hotel, east and west squares as well as sightseeing buses around the market. It was identified as a 4A-level shopping tourist area by the then National Tourism Administration and in 2016 it launched a route that follows the tour of Premier Li Keqiang's inspection tour there in 2014.

On floors two and three of the central hall, there is a creative and innovative product exhibition center and the Historical Museum of China Commodity City. The exhibition center mainly displays green products featuring environmental protection, intelligence, fashion and design, as well as research institutions, which can promote the market's transformation and upgrading. At present, there are Hangzhou (Yiwu) Konke, Chongqing (Beijing) Creative Young Community and Taiwan cultural innovation project.